July 1st trade union activities



July 1st general manager of the first meeting of the general manager of the trade union preparatory group Wang Deyuan to congratulate and speech Members of the preparatory group in listening to the general manager of the speech All members of the preparatory group for the trade union
The general preparatory group for the trade union in the study of relevant documents July 6th two preparatory meeting to review the primary qualification, to determine the list of publicity In July 6th the district chief engineer guidance group to listen to the report, electoral district, primary election and a list of recommended
Third preparatory group work conference in July 16th Staff lunch break to see the file and the primary representative list Related information bulletin board (canteen)
Staff representative training site Determine the training time of employee representatives, essay Preparatory group to accept the reporter interviewed
The employees are listening to the election method The rights, obligations and responsibilities of the representative July 29th morning two times the distribution of the election site
Distribution of the two election website in the morning of July 29th Welding workshop campaign site to participate in 19 people Workers listen to Meng Fanqiang's campaign speech
Circuit breaker switch election site to participate in 9 people Workers according to their own wishes to write their own voice  Speeding held the first session of the tug of war


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