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KYN92A switch cabinet

KYN92A switch cabinet

The switch cabinet is a new generation of armoured shift open miniaturization of switch equipment and is the renewal product of traditional kyn28 series switching equipment, which 4000A switchgear smoothly through the 1.1 times the temperature rise type test

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Shenyang Zhongxing building, Shenyang military military club, Shenyang Zhongxing building KYN92A substation, Shenyang military military Club substation, Shenyang headquarters base station opening and closing, opening and closing Shenyang headquarters base station, landocean Petroleum Technology Service Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing hot springs town center, landocean Petroleum Technology Service Limited by Share Ltd substation the Beijing hot springs town center substation, Beijing Zhongguancun Yongfeng Industrial Base Development Co. Ltd., AVIC composites Co. Ltd., Beijing Zhongguancun Yongfeng Industrial Base Development Co. Ltd. substation, AVIC composites Co. Ltd. 3# substation, AVIC composites Co. Ltd. 5# substation, China Aviation Composite Materials Co. Ltd 9# substation, Jinzhou and North China University of Technology, Jinzhou First Avenue, and first Road Substation the, Beijing Daoxiang village north seven home food processing plant application I KYN92A 14, Yijun Jiahe area of our company KYN92A products, Yingkou Laobian 66kV substation used by our company KYN92A products 30, Yijun Jiahe area substation the, Yingkou Laobian 66kV substation which, in the eastern suburbs of Beijing flower home heating plant.
Product description

My company production of 10kV, KYN92A type minitype armored shift type metal closed switch equipment, specifically for the upgrading of the current widely used in the national grid kyn28 type switch cabinet replacement products, compared with traditional kyn28 switch cabinet, has the following outstanding characteristics:

1) small size. Than the KYN28 volume reduction of 52%, covers an area (including the operating space) reduced by 50%. (KYN92A switchgear: invention patent)

2) using dry insulation technology, environmental protection design, can completely replace the use of SF6 gas products, ease of operation and maintenance.

(3) the mechanical life is 30 thousand times (10 thousand times of the traditional product) with the miniaturization of the ZN145-12 type pole post. (ZN145 circuit breaker: invention patent)

4) using the latest cooling technology. 3150A products without fan cooling, by its own cooling structure and technology to meet the requirements of the operation. (invention patent)

5) application. Can be in the civil building (indoor) and outdoor open and close station (outdoor) operation, and has low temperature operating capacity (-40 C).

6) stable and safe operation. The product in 2008 began to put into operation, users are mainly for China Southern Power Grid, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Corporation, Shanxi electric power company, Liaoning province power company, Jilin province power company and user engineering and industrial users substation in a large number of applications already achieved significant operational performance. In 2011 in Liaoning Province, Yingkou old substation and sports substation put into operation, stable operation, safe and reliable. Products currently operating in the power grid has more than 20000 units (surface).

technical parameter

Serial number

Product technical parameters

KYN92A products (ZN145)


Rated voltage



Rated current



Mechanical life of circuit breaker (1250A)

20000More times


Breaker circuit resistance (1250A)

Less than 25 micro ohm


Using circuit breaker form

Integral solid sealing structure


Non periodic opening capacity



Switch device type



Outline dimension (1250A)



Electric distance

Greater than 240mm


Low temperature environment (limit temperature)



Contamination level

Dust and maintenance free type


Electrical spacing

125mm (minimum) branch bus: circular bus mode


Cable height



Maximum 4000A cabinet temperature rise

Temperature rise has margin of 1.1 times the rated current


Installation method

Reliable wall mounting



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